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Chapter 27 1851 Treaties at Fort Laramie trying to pacify the Indians 1860’s U.S. tried to put Indians into smaller reservations like the Dakota Territory 1868-1890 “Indian Wars” Where Indians fought back 1864 Battle at Sand Creek – J.M. Chivington’s militia killed off 400 peaceful Indians 1866 Sioux Tribe killed 81 US Soldiers 1855 Less than 1000 Buffalo were left 1880’s Sympathy for Indians finally started 1884 Traditional Sun Dance was outlawed, and whites forced Christianity on Indians
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Unformatted text preview: 1887 Dawes Severalty Act taking away Tribe rights Indians were acting more white 1879 Carlisle Indian School is founded to teach Indians 1859 $340 million in gold and silver was mined out of Colorado 1862 Homestead act gave land to long-time owners 1872 First National Park founded/ First mail order catalogue 1890 of the U.S. were still farmers but very disorganized 1853 Treaties at Fort Atkinson with Indian Chiefs to try to pacify Indians more...
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