RnD7 - R&D (Research & Development) 7 researching...

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7 researching the word, developing the soul Please type your responses to the following questions: 1. What does the name Isaiah mean? The salvation of Jehovah 2. According to LOGOS Old Testament Survey Series: The Major Prophets , what different things has Isaiah been called? He has been called “the Prince of the Old Testament Prophets”, “the Saint Paul of the Old Testament”, and “the greatest prophet”. 4. What does the name Jeremiah mean? Raised up or appointed by Jehovah. Also “Jehovah establishes” 5. According to Archer, what is the Hebrew title for Lamentations? What does it mean? Why is it titled this? The Hebrew title for Lamentations is “ ē â” ˒ ḵ which means “How!” which appears in 1:1 of the book. 6. What are the most important points of Wiersbe's introductory comments on Lamentations ( Expository Outlines on the Old Testament ) Lamentations is written in acrostic form and the no other book in the Bible reveals the suffering heart of God over sin. 7. Read through Isaiah 6. Imagine you are Isaiah. Write a paragraph about what you were
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RnD7 - R&D (Research & Development) 7 researching...

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