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Deepak S., MBA-LSCM (Sem II, 2010-12) C ompanies have woken up at the right time to the fact that only on operating beyond a single country; their businesses would tend to be more and more relevant on the global stage. A fundamental economic shift in manufacturing towards emerging countries away from developed countries has been witnessed for the past couple of years which will tend to continue in the same trend. A recent report on “Trends in Global Manufacturing, Goods Movement and Consumption, and Their Effect on the Growth of United States Ports and Distribution” published by NAOIP estimates India and China to account for nearly 25-40% of the total world demand for goods and service while looking ahead for the year 2025. Apart from the repeatedly voiced factors like the availability of labor and material resources for the manufacturing industry, other factors like management, research and development, sales and marketing and business support services are also looked for by the global companies in order to make a global and local presence as well. All these factors have led to the concept of “Global Manufacturing”. Manufacturing of products or materials for global consumers is conceptual idea of Global Manufacturing. When it comes to serving global customers, there also arises a need for global logistics. When it comes to real-time operations, it doesn’t look as simple in operations as described above. A clear visibility of the movement of the products throughout the entire pipeline has to be catered in global logistics. By 2015, India is expected to be a successful manufacturing hub which can be complemented by the facts that there have been huge amount of foreign
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This note was uploaded on 10/13/2011 for the course LSCM 723 taught by Professor Dr.neerajanand during the Fall '11 term at University of Management and Technology.

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Deepak-Global Mfg. & Logistics - Global...

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