Kanappan-Cold Chain - Cold Chain Storage-Indian Perspective...

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Cold Chain Storage-Indian Perspective R.M. Kannapan, MBA-LSCM (Sem I, 2010-12) I ndia being an agricultural country, its economic status mostly depends on the food commodities. These food materials which are produced in a large scale are not preserved properly. Although production of fruits and vegetables is very high, there is a post harvesting loss of around 30% fruits and vegetables. This occurs because of harsh weather conditions. To overcome this problem, the food materials should be preserved for a very long time by keeping them in a cool place which protects the food from bacteria and other micro organisms. But India is having very less number of cold storage facilities. Major problems associated with the unavailability of cold storage facility and steps taken to increase the use of Cold Storage for preserving the food items are discussed below. What is Cold Storage? The storage of perishables at low temperatures, usually above freezing, by the use of refrigeration is done to increase the storage life. In general, the lower the temperature, the longer the storage life. If temperatures are maintained below the freezing point of the product stored, it is called freezer storage. Most fruits and many other products, however, are damaged by freezing and cannot be kept in freezer storage. A cold-storage plant is a large insulated building, with its attendant refrigeration equipment, for storage of commodities at low temperatures. Facilities are often included for quick-freezing fruits, vegetables, meats, and a variety of precooked foods and bakery
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Kanappan-Cold Chain - Cold Chain Storage-Indian Perspective...

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