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QUICK RESPONSE MANUFACTURING - A COMPETITIVE STRATEGY NAARAYEN.K.A.S, MBA-LSCM (Sem. I, 2010-12) I ncreasing competition has led many manufacturers to reduce inventories and workforce. Companies have started concentrating on reduction of lead times by elimination of wastes like expediting, excess inventories and high overhead. Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) provides a time-tested set of principles and tools to reduce lead time thereby providing a strong foundation for long term growth. QRM has reduced lead times and costs significantly and has substantially increased the market share. JIT/Lean manufacturing is believed to be the forefront of manufacturing strategy. But there are markets where JIT fails to provide a competitive solution. In those markets, QRM can be a more effective strategy. QRM is more effective for companies making highly engineered products or large variety of products with variable demand . QRM shares similarities with Lean and Six Sigma by emphasizing on the elimination of waste. But the path towards elimination of wastes is different in the case of QRM. Lean focuses on implementation of
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