Chapter 7 - Chapter 7: Medication Administration -IV...

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Chapter 7 : Medication Administration -IV (intravenous access)- surgical puncture of a vein to deliver medication or withdraw blood. Indications of IV access Fluid and blood replacement Drug administration Obtaining venous blood specimens for laboratory analysis Types of Inravenous Access Peripheral Venous Access - surgical puncture of a vein in the arm, leg, or neck Central Venous access - surgical puncture of the internal jugular, subclavian, or femoral vein. 6 Rights of Drug Administration: Right Person Right Drug Right Dose Right Time Right Route Right Documentation - Micro drip - 60gtts/ml - Macro (Volume drip)- 10-15gtts/ml - Body Substance Isolation (BSI)- measures to decease your risk of exposure to blood and body fluids. Medical Asepsis - asepsis - a condition free of pathogens - systemic - throughout the body. - Sterile - free of all forms of life. -The only way to sterilize something is w/high pressure STEAM - Medically clean - careful handling to prevent contamination. - disinfectant - cleansing agent that is toxic to living tissue. - antiseptic - cleansing agent that is not toxic to living tissue. Needle Handling Precautions Minimize tasks in a moving ambulance Properly dispose of all sharps Recap needles only as a last resort. Medication Administration Documentation
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Chapter 7 - Chapter 7: Medication Administration -IV...

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