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Chapter 16 - Chapter 16 Trauma Trauma Systems Trauma a...

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Chapter 16: Trauma & Trauma Systems Trauma - a physical injury or wound caused by external force or violence. Trauma is the leading killer of persons <44yrs in the USA. Serious trauma is a surgical disease; its proper care is immediate surgical intervention to repair internal hemorrhage sites. Patients w/life-threatening injuries account for less than 10% of all trauma patients. Penetrating trauma - injury caused by an object breaking the skin and entering the body. Blunt trauma - injury caused by the collision of an object w/the body in which the object does not enter the body. Highway Safety Act of 1966 - developed today’s EMS system. Levels of Trauma Centers Level 1 - Regional Trauma Center - commits resources to address all types of specialty trauma 24/7. ex: a University Hospital Level 2 - Area Trauma Center - commits resources to address the most common trauma emergencies w/surgical capability 24/7. ex: St. Mary’s, Delray Level 3 - Community Trauma Center - commits to special emergency
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