Chapter 28-2 - Chapter 28, Part 2: Cardiology Management of...

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Chapter 28, Part 2 : Cardiology Management of Cardiovascular Emergencies 1. Basic Life Support 2. Advanced Life Support Skills ECG monitoring Vagal maneuvers Precordial thump Pharmacological management Antidysrhythmics Atropine Sulfate - 1mg IV Lidocaine - 1-1.5mg/kg IV repeated every 3-5min up to 3mg/kg, follow w/drip of 2-4mg/min Procainamide - 30mg/min IV drip up to 17mg/kg to effect, then 1-4 mg/min. Give until: Amiodarone - 150-300mg IV over 10min, then 1mg/min over next 6hrs. Adenosine (Adenocard)- 6mg rapid IVP, if ineffective 12mg rapid IVP Sympathomimetic Agents Vasopressin - 40U IVP Epinephrine - 1/10000- ( Cardiac Arrest ) 1mg Norepinephrine Isoproterenol Dopamine (Intropin)- 5 up to 20mcg/kg/min Myocardial Ischemia Medications O2 NTG Morphine Sulfate (analgesic/vasodilator)- 2.5-15mg IV Thrombolytic Agents Aspirin - 325mg alteplase Other Prehospital Drugs Furosemide/Lasix (Diuretic)- 1mg/kg not to exceed 100mg Diazepam/ Valium - Seizure 5 - 10mg IVP/IM, Acute anxiety 2-5mg IVP AED (Defibrillation)- 200 joules → 300 → 360
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Synchronized Cardioversion- 100 → 200 → 300 → 360j Unstable tachycardias get Synchronized Cardioversion o Perfusing V-Tach o PSVT o Rapid A-Fib o 2:1 A-Flutter Transcutaneous Cardiac Pacing o Symptomatic Bradycardias o High Degree AV Blocks o A-Fib w/slow Ventricular response o Asystole Managing Specific Cardiovascular Emergencies Angina Pectoris
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Chapter 28-2 - Chapter 28, Part 2: Cardiology Management of...

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