Chapter 38 - Chapter 38: Psychaitric & Behaioral Disorders...

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Chapter 38: Behavior - a person’s observable conduct and activity. Behavioral emergency - situation in which a Pt’s behavior becomes so unusual that is alarms the patient or another person and requires intervention. General Causes of Behavioral Emergencies Biological (organic )- related to disease processes or structural changes. Psychosocial (personal )- related to a Pt’s personality style, dynamics of unresolved conflict, or crisis management methods. Social (situational )- related to the Pt’s actions and interactions within society. Cognitive Disorders Delirium - condition characterized by relatively rapid onset of widespread disorganized thought. Dementia - condition involving gradual development of memory impairment and cognitive disturbance. Schizophrenia - common disorder involving significant change in behavior often including hallucinations, delusions, and depression. Types of Schizophrenia Paranoid - preoccupation w/a felling of persecution and may suffer delusions or auditory hallucinations. Disorganized - patient often displays disorganized behavior, dress, or speech. Catatonic - patient exhibits catatonic rigidity, immobility, stupor, or peculiar voluntary movements. Rare Undifferentiated - patient doesn’t fit into one of the categories above. Anxiety-
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Chapter 38 - Chapter 38: Psychaitric & Behaioral Disorders...

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