Bible Study - Joseph Moses The Exodus Entry into Promise...

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Bible Study Written by 36 authors Over 1500 years In 3 Continents Asia, Europe, Africa In 3 languages Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic Best preserved ancient document United throughout Formal Correspondence Word for word Dynamic Equivalence Thought for thought The OT is a collection of 39 books which tell the story of God’s creation, man’s fall, and God’s covenant relationship with Israel which reconciles God and man by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Test of Canonicity Authorship, internal evidence, are there obvious errors, community acceptance, and quoted or alluded to by Christ or NT writers Apocrypha = “to hide, or conceal” 15 books that certain groups take as authoritative Aspects of the OT God’s Creation Man’s Fall God’s Use of Israel Abraham Isaac Jacob
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Unformatted text preview: Joseph Moses The Exodus Entry into Promise land Judges Saul David Solomon Divided Kingdom Babylonian Exile Seven Covenants Eden – Man’s dominion over Creation Adam – Because of sin, man needed hope and discipline Noah – Promise of redeemer would be kept regardless Abraham – Promise land, nation, blessing of Abraham’s descendents Moses – The law David – Eternal Kingdom will be realized through Christ New – Objective of all former covenants fulfilled at Christ’s death and second coming millennial kingdom Book Themes Genesis – Election Exodus – Redemption of the Nation Leviticus – Sanctification of the Nation Numbers – Direction of the Nation Deuteronomy – Instruction of the Nation...
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Bible Study - Joseph Moses The Exodus Entry into Promise...

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