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Meredith Hansen Religion 1001, 9:30/1:25 Umesh Patel September 30 th , 2011 Islam Research Paper: Gender and Islam Among the many controversial and misunderstood elements of Islam, the role and treatment of women is a topic especially relevant to today’s feminist concerns. Having recently taken a feminist literary theory class, and upon finding that I could subsequently examine excerpts of the Qur’an through that particular lens, I became extremely interested in the entry entitled “Gender” in the Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World. The article covers the basic points that we learned in class, however, goes into more depth about how these laws and Muslim male-female customs are directly derived from the Qur’an and how they haven’t really evolved since it was originally adopted. The article begins defining gender in the context of religion: “Gender is, therefore, a human construction that nevertheless draws upon divinely inspired texts, social and cultural conventions.”(Martin 265) The Muslim concept of gender differences was shaped directly by the Qur’an and its teachings that pertain to gender roles are still observed as literally today as they were in the seventh century. Although the incorporation of the Qur’an into the culture elevated the position of women at the time, granting spiritual equality
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Islamresearch - Meredith Hansen Religion 1001, 9:30/1:25...

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