checkpiont define race and ethnicities.

checkpiont define race and ethnicities. - gives us a wide...

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What do the terms of race and ethnicity mean to me. Race to me means the different of people by color, minority, and different social classes people may be in. Ethnicity to mean means the different cultures that people are for example Italian, Hispanic, and Polish. They are so many different ethnicities in the wonderful country that we live in, with the different cultures it brings a wide variety of different events and holidays that may be celebrated. I believe the concepts are important to the United States society because if brings a bunch of different cultures together. With combining all these different cultures in the United States it
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Unformatted text preview: gives us a wide variety of different individuals to where no person is the same and we have different languages with in our society. With have all the different ethnicities it also allows for a wide variety of different foods that may not be in this country if it was not for all the different backgrounds of people. Without the different types of food we may end up eating the same thing all of the time instead of being able to decide on different options for what we could make as a meal....
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