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Week 7 Assignment: Thinking About Native Americans and Hispanic Americans This assignment should be completed with the help of Chapters 6, 9, and 10 in Racial and Ethnic Groups , by Schaefer. You may of course use the book as you work, but if you really want to challenge yourself try to complete the assignment with the book closed! Enter your answers directly onto this document, then SAVE AS “your name Assignment 4”. Example: Geletka Assignment 4. Include the completed assignment as an attachment and submit to the Assignments link. Part I: Word Matching Use the words from the word bank below to fill out the tables on page 2-3. Match each term to its correct definition. Each term should be used ONCE , with four left over. The first blank is filled in for you as an example. Each correctly-used term is worth 1 point, for a total of 25 possible points in this section. Word Bank: Bilingualism Bilingual education Borderlands Bracero Chicanismo Color gradient Crossover effect Cuanderismo Culture of Poverty English immersion Ethclass Familism Fish-Ins Hometown clubs Internal colonialism Kickout / pushout La Raza Life Chances Maquiladoras Marielitos Millenarian movement Mojados Neocolonialism Neoricans Panethnicity Pan-Indianism Powwows Repatriation Setoffs Sovereignty Ethnicity and class merged in the individual’s status Ethclass
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Part II: Short Answer Answer each question. Answers should not exceed 2-3 sentences. This section is worth 35 total points. 1. (2 pts) What was the Trail of Tears? How was it related to the Indian Removal Act? It is when five Native groups where relocated to Oklahoma. It was related because of the whites forcing the native groups to leave their area. 2. (2 pts) Why is the Ghost Dance an early example of Pan-Indianism? It is an early example of Pan-Indianism of the tribes forming together to fight against the American government. 3. (2 pts) How did the Allotment Act affect the amount of land controlled by Native
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DavidAssignment+4 - Week 7 Assignment: Thinking About...

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