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The information about race that I have learned in this class has opened my mind on the different races that live in America. I know have a better understanding to why some races have all this different heritages and why they celebrate the different things that they celebrity throughout the year. I really didn’t learn anything about anything about new about my culture and why we have those heritages. What I had learned the most from taken this class is a lot more information on my family and when they had came to America and where they had lived when the first got here
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Unformatted text preview: to America. I thing by 2050 that immigration well bring a lot more people to the country to where it may make it more of an equal number of different races in the country. By having more of the immigration into to our country it is going to give we more heritages to learn and understand and maybe advantage participate in them. The way this country can prepare for these changes to more immigrants is by educating people and creating different programs that will help benefit people on learning the different cultures and heritages that the immigrants may have....
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