Dirt Bikes - Running head: DIRT BIKE'S COMPANY 1 Dirt...

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Running head: DIRT BIKE'S COMPANY 1 Dirt Bike's Company David Pascocello IT205 August 14, 2011 Robert Jenkins
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DIRT BIKE'S COMPANY 2 Dirt Bike's Company The problem with this idea is that it is highly un-necessary and costly to It is very difficult to attempt to assess a company when you have virtually no information regarding how they function, specifics about problematic issues they are having, or what type of networking technology they are currently utilizing. The only information given concerning the Dirt Bikes Company is that they are concerned about money being spent with their current networking setup and that their employees use desktop computers and are given internet access. Assuming Dirt Bikes uses the most archaic of networking technology, such as phones, faxes, and pagers, and then there are a plethora of options that the company could consider to boost their networking efficiency. The most important upgrade the company should consider is the utilization of an intranet that supports wireless technology. This can greatly improve the company’s efficiency in communication and create many possibilities when it comes to achieving the most of a management information system. To start off, all of the employee desktop computers should be linked to a local area network implementing management information system software that keeps track of, synchronizes, and compiles all of the data that the company considers important. All of this information can then be accessed by employees and management (each having different levels of access permissions). All of the information from previous, current, and future clients can be stored and made easily
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Dirt Bikes - Running head: DIRT BIKE'S COMPANY 1 Dirt...

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