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Monitoring Employees on Networks

Monitoring Employees on Networks - information about a...

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Monitoring Employees on Networks Email befits organization in many different ways; one way that it benefits an organization is that customer can email them to get information. You can exchange emails back an fourth and be able to save those emails for future references if need on a certain client. Emails can also benefit and organization by employees emailing each other and carbon copying the messages to go supervisor or members of the management team. The effect of instant messaging varies depending on what the type of organization it is and what they are using it for. My doctors office in California when I lived there had used instant messaging as away to communicate to other members of the health team to get
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Unformatted text preview: information about a patient when they may seeing or speak with a different patient at the time. My doctor would instant message another doctor of mine to find out if it was ok to prescribe me certain medicines because of one of the medicines that I use take. The benefits of organization have a web page is that people may find that page and offer more business to that organization. One of the drawbacks is that you may have to update it a lot depending on what type of organization it. One of the plumbing companies I work had a web page that helped draw in a lot of customers because of the pictures that were posted on the page showing what type of work we do and the quality of work that we do....
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