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Biol 201 3-14-2011 - CV (heat of convection) +/- H RD (heat...

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Microclimates:habitats that vary in temperature and climate. One of the most important distinctions is the ASPECT (the angle at which the sun light is hitting the earth). Aspect: Hotter on the south facing slopes and cooler on the north facing slopes. Albedo: The tendency for a surface to reflect the sunlight. (snow, vegetation, soil surface) The colder the air, the less the water vapor it can hold. Colder temperatures tend to have more humid. Heat BALANCE EQUATION: Delta H= +/- H CD (Heat of Conduction) +/- H
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Unformatted text preview: CV (heat of convection) +/- H RD (heat of radiation) + H M (Heat of metabolism)- H E (Heat of metabolism)= 0 Plant Temperature Regulation: In cold climates, they increase heat gain. So they have darker foliage, higher SA/Volume ratio and less convective heat loss. Behavioral Adaptations: Four general strategies animals make to human changes. Polkilotherms: Body temp=ambient temp Ectotherms: Little metabolic heat Endotherms: more metabolic heat Homeotherms: regulate body temp...
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