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Biol 201 4-20-2010 - o Animals: role inlandscape formation...

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Landscape Ecology: They are heterogenous areas of land that comprise of patches and matrix. Patches= forest, matrix= everything that is not forest covered. Ways to cover the path area= % cover. Patch Shape= Patch shape is how circular a patch and we quantify that by looking at how circular it is and how much surface area it contains. Focus in Landscape Structure: o Human and Landscape structure From Netherlands, record types of land over time. o Climate, Geology, and disturbances: Geology: Howe natural things such as glaciers and streams cut up the land Climate: Precipitation and its influence on the land. Disturbances: Beavers
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Unformatted text preview: o Animals: role inlandscape formation Beavers dug up creeks, rives, streams In the area where it is reintroduced, can vastly alter landscape 4 years, what was mostly forces is now meadow and beaver pond Effects of Landscape patterns on process: o Edge effects: Brood Parsitism: Metapopulations: Group of sub populations of a species that live in a geographical area. Corridor-links between patches: These are patches that facilitate the movement. How much do these matter? Corridor vs winged patches to see the edge effects. The overall richness does not change over time. It only fluctuates....
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