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Biol 201 3-23-2011 - 2 Ppulation Dynamics Delta N =I-E R-D...

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Abundance: 1. Organism Size and abundance: As the body size increases, the abundance decreases. The slope of the line of Body mass vs Animal density is almost constant at -2/3 or -3/4. a. These linear scales across log, log scales are called allometric. Allometric is when the slope of a log,log is linear. b. It cannot explain abundance in animals that are very similar in weights.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Ppulation Dynamics: Delta N =I-E+R-D, where R= reproduction, D= deaths. a. Estimating Lambda: b. Survivorship patterns b.i. Cohort life table: Cohort= species that share same characteristic b.ii. Solid c. Reproduction and Life tables d. Age distribution d.i. R0= Reproductive rate....
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