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CSE 18 Homework Assignment Assignment: 8 Due: 9/28/11 at 1:00 PM Late Collections: No Late Collections Program Name: Account.java Account.txt (UML diagrams) Folder Name: Account PLEASE NOT THE DIFFERENCE IN BOTH PROGRAM NAME AND FOLDER NAME FROM PAST ASSIGNMENTS. TWO FILES SHOULD BE PLACED IN YOUR FOLDER Account.java and Account.txt Read Chapter 8, especially pages on UML diagrams, constructors and Date class. Complete exercise 8.7 on page 297. (The Account class) Design a class named Account. /* CSE 18 Your name Your user id Program Description: Describe the purpose of the program Homework #8 DEADLINE: September 28, 2011
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Unformatted text preview: */ Also, provide documentation within the Account program explaining the code and its purpose. Explaining using pre and post conditions any methods you create. Login in to your account on sunlab.cse.lehigh.edu as demonstrated in class. Create a subdirectory called Account within the folder cse018.114. Once the class functions properly, ftp the file Account.java to the subdirectory Account At the time of the deadline, email will be sent to you either confirming that the file Account.java has been collected or stating that the file has not been collected....
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