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Bienes: goods, assets Casa matriz: main office Divisa: currency Elaborar: to manufacture Éxito: success Gerencia: management Mano de obra: labor, workers Mercancía: merchandise, goods Oferta: offer, sale, supply Pasantía: internship Práctica: practice, internship Producto Interno Bruto: GDP Recurso: resource Sucursal: branch office Millón: Million Mil millones: Billion Billon: Trillion Administración: administration Agrícola: agricultural Comercio: negotiation for buying, selling, or changing Comercio international: se realiza con otro país Comercio multinacional: operation internationally with global perspective Comercio nacional: national business or trade Consumidor/a: consumer
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Unformatted text preview: Contrato: contract Cultura: culture Dejo: accent Demanda: demand Demografa: demographic Distribucon: distribution Economa: economy Economa global: global economy Ensamblar: assemble Escasez: scarcity, shortage Filial: Gerente: manager Hyperinflacin: hyperinflation (25%) Industria: industry Inflaciin: inflation Materia prima: raw material Mercadera: merchandise, good, product Mercado: market Poblacin: population Producto Nacional Bruto: GNP Sede: headquarter Servicio: service Supranacional: Trabajo: work Transnacional: company that operating by one administration Usuario/a: user...
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