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Administración: administration Administrador/s: manager Aguinaldo: christmas bonus Alto mando: upper management Asesor/a: consultant, adviser Aviso: advertisement, warning Bajo mando: first-line management Bolsa de empleo: employment agency Búsqueda: search Capacitación: training Cazacerebros: headhunter Cazatalentos: headhunter, talent scout Cita: appointment Cumplimiento: fulfillment, achievement Dedazo: selection of family members or personal friends for a position Dedocracia: performance, fulfillment Dirección: management, board of director Educación: manners, upbringing, schooling Ensamblaje: assembly Fomenter: to foster, encourage, promote Formación: education, formation Funcionario: staff member, employee Gerente: manager Gestor/a: manager, business representative Guiar: to guide, direct Indistinto: immaterial Interventor/a: comptroller, auditor Intersionista: investor Jornal: day’s wages Líder: leader Liderar: to lead Liderato: leadership Liderazgo: leadership Llevar a cabo: to carry out, conclude Maquiladora: assembly plant
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