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Abastecedor/a: supplier Abonar: to pay Agotamiento: depletion Agotar: to deplete Alquilar: to rent Alquiler: rent Apresurarse: to hurry Arras: earnest money, pledge Arrendante: lessor Arredar: to lease, rent Arrendatario: lessee, tenant Aval: reference Avalado/a: guarantee Avalista: guarantor Bienes inmuebles o raíces: real estate Canon: precio Cierre de la casa: closing on a home Cobertura: coverage Cmparecer: to appear, make an appearance Contraer: to incur Contratante: party entering into a contract Contrato: contract De arras: earnest money contract De paga y señal: earnest money contract De señal: earnest money contract Corretaje: commission Corridor: agent Equipo: equipment Depreciación lineal:straight-line depreciation Derrumbar: to tear down Desgastar: to wear out Desgaste: deterioration, depletion Fianza: down payment Impositivo: tax-related Inmobiliaria: real estate agency Inmueble: real estate Inquilino: tenant Inventario: inventory Impuestos sobre el valor añadido: VAT
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Unformatted text preview: Latifundio: large landed estate Mensualidad: monthly payment Mtodo lineal: straight-line method Miseria: dire poverty Pagadero: payable Pago inicial: down payment Por anticipado: down payment Parte: party in a negotiation or contract Conpradora: buyer Vendedora: seller Plano: map Planta baja: ground floor Plusvala: appreciation Prstamo hipotecario: mortgage loan Prima: premium Prorrogado: postponed, deffered Recuperacin: salvage Renuevo: renewal Reparacin: repair Reparto: delivery Reventa: resale Salvaguardar: to safeguard, protect Sede: home office Servicio de electricidad: utilities Subarrendar: to sublet Suministro: supply Tasacin: valuation Terceros: third parties Traslado: move Traspaso: transfer Ubicarse: to be located Valor de recuperacin: salvage value Vecino: neighbor Vencer: to fall due Vigente: effective Vivienda: housing Seguro: insurance Local: premises Terreno: land...
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