Ch3 Exploing Hospitality Careers

Ch3 Exploing Hospitality Careers - Ch3. Exploring...

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Ch3. Exploring Hospitality Careers Summary The hospitality industry’s growth in recent decades has been due in part to the average individual’s higher standard of living, higher level of education, and longer life span. The greater opportunities available in rapidly developing societies have also contributed to industry expansion. The hospitality industry offers many career options. The work is varied and there are numerous opportunities for advancement. Some people, however, don’t like the occasional pressures and long hours that go along with many hospitality jobs. Management positions in a hotel include general manager, catering manager, chief engineer, food and beverage manager, controller, human resources manager, marketing and sales manager, resident manager, and management information systems manager. Management positions in a restaurant include general manager, restaurant manager, chef, maître d’ hotel, and banquet manager. It’s important to select the segment of the industry that will best suit you. To do this you
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Ch3 Exploing Hospitality Careers - Ch3. Exploring...

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