Chapter 6 Understanding the World of Hotels

Chapter 6 Understanding the World of Hotels - Chapter 6...

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Chapter 6 Understanding the World of Hotels 1. Which of the following hotel strategies was predominant during the 1980s? a. pamper guests with special amenities and services b. use architecture and decor to differentiate yourself from competitors c. emphasize quality service and quality assurance programs d. build new hotel brands to appeal to more market segments 2. Which of the following guest segments usually pays high guestroom rates? a. government and military travelers b. leisure travelers c. regional getaway guests d. convention and association groups 3. "Guest mix" refers to the: a. optimum mixture of price, entertainment, and value that will draw the greatest number of guests to a hotel. b. variety or mixture of guest segments that stay at a hotel. c. way in which front desk agents, using computerized reservations systems, book guests into a hotel most efficiently. d. ratio of employees to guests that hotels seek to maintain in order to provide excellent service. 4.
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