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Chapter 8 Club Management 1. Today, there are approximately __________ private clubs in the United States. a. 125,000 b. 63,000 c. 14,000 d. 1,500 2. Which of the following types of clubs is considered a city club? a. university b. military c. yacht d. a and c 3. The Friars Club in New York City is an example of a __________ club. a. dining b. comedy c. drama d. professional 4. Members of a social club usually have what type of affiliation? a. They are in the same profession. b. They enjoy being in one another's company. c. They have mutual business interests. d. They have similar political backgrounds and goals. 5. Which of the following is not an accurate description of country clubs? a. The largest type of private club is the country club. b. Country clubs are primarily recreational and social facilities for wealthy travelers. c. Country clubs often have separate children’s facilities. d.
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