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Chapter 10 Floating Resorts - Chapter 10 Floating Resorts...

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Chapter 10 Floating Resorts: The Cruise Line Business 1. What percentage of Americans have ever taken a cruise? a. 1 percent b. 15 percent c. 38 percent d. 61 percent 2. Beginning in 1958, transatlantic steamship travel was effectively put out of business as a result of: a. the introduction of more sophisticated modern cruise ships. b. a series of sea tragedies that turned consumers against steamship travel. c. the introduction of transatlantic jet service. d. a general lack of interest in travel among consumers. 3. Carnival Cruise Lines created an entirely new market for cruise passengers by focusing on: a. entertainment onboard the ship rather than on the cruise destination(s). b. retirees with large amounts of discretionary time and income. c. the opportunity for passengers to meet new people and fall in love. d. exotic ports of call that attracted younger, more affluent guests. 4. A cruise ship is under the command of the: a. chief officer. b.
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