GM520 - Week 1 Discussion Questions

GM520 - Week 1 Discussion Questions - Question #1: Class,...

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Question #1: Class, please read Chapter 2, Problem 5 from the Jennings text, p. 72. This week, we will discuss the Wolfowitz situation at the World Bank. Consider the questions at the end of the problem as you make comments in the threads this week. What are the ethical issues here? Was Wolfowitz trying to do the right thing? Does that make a difference ethically? Throughout the week, I will bring in further questions. Be sure to read the lecture and the International Ethics article stated in your reading for the week as well The ethical issues existing with Wolfowitz’s relationship with Riza are: (i) Perpetrating Interpersonal Abuse, (ii) Committing Acts of Personal Decadence, and (iii) Engaging in Conflict of Interest. Perpetrating Interpersonal Abuse became an ethical issue as soon as Wolfowitz involved himself with someone else in the workplace romantically. Because Wolfowitz is the President of the bank and dating his employee Riza, his treatment towards her at the workplace is unfair to all the other staff at the bank; exemplified through Wolfowitz’s letter to Xavier Coll stipulating and mandating the obligation to seek employment for her, even after he was no longer heading the bank. Committing Acts of Personal Decadence is an ethical issue in this situation because Wolfowitz ‘s decision to engage in a relationship with an employee has given colleagues of Riza at World
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GM520 - Week 1 Discussion Questions - Question #1: Class,...

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