GM520 - Week 4 Assignment Questions

GM520 - Week 4 Assignment Questions - 1. Make sure you have...

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1. Make sure you have a "group" thread showing this week. If not, email your instructor ASAP. Review the You Decide Scenario. 2. Enter the group thread by no later than Wednesday to discuss the aspects of the scenario with your group. Your grade will be based on making at least 6 good, high-quality posts over at least 3 days to the thread that reflects on the You Decide contract issues and that answers the questions posed at the beginning of the thread. Your instructor will NOT lead this thread--it will be up to the groups to run the thread. (Take this opportunity to get to know your classmates in your group!) You earn 75 points in this project, set up as follows: o (60 possible) Quality/quantity post points. You can earn up to 10 points for each high quality post to the thread. A High Quality post will reflect on a learning tip from the You Decide project, provide significant factual background from the project which helps explain a learning point being made in the threads, pose an exceptional question that moves the group thread forward in a manner which creates more learning (while responding to another student's question or thought), or will provide a definitive and analytical answer to one of the main questions in the thread. Faculty may deduct points for less-than-high quality posts (however, making more than 6 posts will help "ensure" that you will achieve the full complement of points as you will get credit for each post you make, up to the top amount of 60 for this piece of the project). o
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GM520 - Week 4 Assignment Questions - 1. Make sure you have...

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