GM520 - Week 7 Discussion Questions

GM520 - Week 7 Discussion Questions - Question #1: Let's...

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Question #1: Let's finish up this term with a discussion about moving our personal and business ethics into the international business realm. Let's look at how ethics and laws span the concepts of all of our TCOs to date and discuss them in a realistic perspective, with particular emphasis on the multi-national company and the affects of laws in other countries on business in the U.S., and vice versa. The TCO topics have been: A: Ethics B: Governmental regulation C: Warranties and product liability D: Contract law E: Employment law and vicarious liability F: Intellectual property G: Antitrust and Fair trade activities H: Corporate activities and the SEC I: International ethics Do you see any of our TCOs in a different light now at the end of the term than you did at the beginning of the term? If so, which one(s), and why? Also, please review Marianne Jennings' article on Why an International Code of Ethics Would be Good from Week 1. (The article is posted in Doc Sharing.) To start this thread, do some Web research on a company which interests you and which is publicly-traded in some stock exchange in the world. Specifically, try to find one which operates in more than one country. Then, pick two of the above TCOs and explain how the law involving those TCOs would make it harder or easier to operate multi-nationally. Explain what problems a company would have.
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GM520 - Week 7 Discussion Questions - Question #1: Let's...

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