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Team Assignment 1 Learning Objective: In this exercise you will learn to analyze an industry and the competitive conditions faced by industry firms as well as recognize and appreciate the multitude of strategies that a firm can use to successfully compete in an industry. Industry: The industry you will examine is the video game industry. Note that while your primary focus should be on the sales and distribution of games, the evolution of the industry is suggesting that the lines between hardware (e.g., game consoles), software creation (e.g., the game makers), and software sales (those who sell video game titles) are blurring. As such, you will want to at least consider all aspects of the broader industry and what this means for the sales and distribution of video games. Team Activities: Your team will first use the tools and techniques taught in this and other business classes (e.g., PEST and 5-Forces Analysis) to evaluate the “general” environment and the “competitive” environment of the video game industry. As part of this process, you must come to justified conclusions
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