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BUSI 4940 Grading Rubric for Part 1 Graded By: 40 NotAcceptable Excellent 0% 52.5% 57.5% 62.5% 67.5% 72.5% 77.5% 82.5% 87.5% 92.5% 97.5% 100% PercentageofPoints Max Point: Poor SomewhatPoor Acceptable SomewhatGood Team #: TotalPointsForThis Assignment Student Learning Objectives Weight Good PointsReceived 52.5% 57.5% 62.5% 67.5% 72.5% 77.5% 82.5% 87.5% 92.5% 97.5% DATA COLLECTION (15%) Used appropriate frameworks and tools to gather information and guide the exploration. Demonstrated adequate primary/secondary research 0.15 0.00 P T Part 1A: ANALYZING THE ENVIRONMENT (Weight: 65.00% of Grade) Demonstrated adequate primary/secondary research. Strong arguments and succinct presentation. Adequately assessed the influence of the “Five Forces” on the industry Adequately assessed the influence of “P.E.S.T.” and other components of the environment 0.2 0.00 ORGANIZATION AND ANALYSIS OF DATA
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Unformatted text preview: (20%) Completed the following : (i) Justified the selection of the most significant "drivers of environmental change" (ii) Justified the selection of the most significant "survival factors" 0.3 0.00 CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS (30%) 0.00% 0.00 survival factors (iii) Assessed the overall attractiveness of the industry Part ‐ 1B: IDENTIFYING VIABLE STRATEGIC ORIENTATIONS IN THE INDUSTRY (Weight = 35%) Data collection, organization and analysis (17.5%) (i) Identified viable "product ‐ market focus" options (ii) Identified viable "value proposition" options 0.175 0.00 CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS (17.5%) (i) Identified a viable strategic orientations in the industry (ii) Showed how the strategic orientation addressed major industry factors 0.175 0.00...
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