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Homework%20Assingment%20No.%203 - Student Homework...

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Student_______________________ Homework Assignment Number 3 (Ch 8) 1. The St. Vincent Manufacturing Company produces a single product in a single processing department. The material is added when 25% of the conversion costs have been added. The Work-in-Process Inventory account on April 30 th includes the following information: During the month, the company finished and transferred 72,000 units out of the Work-in-Process Inventory. 9,000 units were in process at the beginning of the month and were 40% complete. 8,000 units were in process at the end of the month, and were 70% complete. The company uses first-in, first-out (FIFO) process costing. Required (use 4 decimal places for computations): A. Compute the equivalent units of production (EUP) for materials and conversion costs in April. B. Compute the unit conversion costs and unit material costs for April C. Compute the total cost transferred out of the Work-in-Process Inventory during the month of April. D. Compute the cost of the ending inventory for April.
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Homework%20Assingment%20No.%203 - Student Homework...

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