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Accounting 3270 Class Schedule Fall, 2011 Tuesday - Thursday Classes Day Date Chapter TH 25-Aug Course Introduction T 30-Aug Cost Terms `P1-23,24,27 E2-23,24,27,34 TH 1-Sep Cost Estimation (High Low Method only) P2-45,52,53,54 P5-41,42 T 6-Sep Ch 3 Cost Volume Profit E3-27,28,29,30,35 P3-38,48,54 TH 8-Sep Ch 4 Cost Analysis--Decision Making C3-55 E4-32,33,37,40,43,45 T 13-Sep Ch 6 E6-24,25,28,31,32,33,34 P6-48 TH 15-Sep Ch 7 Job Costing E7-17,21,22,23,28,39 T 20-Sep Ch 7 P7-33,34,37,46 TH 22-Sep EXAM I T 27-Sep Ch 9 Activity Based Costing E9-23,24,25,27,30,33 P9-35,38,40 TH 29-Sep Ch 9 C9-44 T 4-Oct Ch 8 Process Costing E8-16,17.21,23,29,30,31,32,33,34 TH 6-Oct Ch 8 P8-42,45,49 T 11-Oct Ch 8 TH 13-Oct Ch 10 Cost Management E10-23,28,32,36,38
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Unformatted text preview: P10-45 T 18-Oct Ch 10 P10-46,52,54 TH 20-Oct Ch 16 Fundamentals of Variance Analysis T 25-Oct Ch 16 TH 27-Oct Ch 17 Topics in Variance Analysis T 1-Nov Ch 17 TH 3-Nov EXAM II Chapters 8,9,13,16, & 17 T 8-Nov Ch 14 Business Unit Performance Analysis TH 10-Nov Ch 14 T 15-Nov Ch 15 Transfer Pricing TH 17-Nov Ch 15 T 22-Nov Ch 11 Service Dept. Allocation & Joint Costing TH 24-Nov NO CLASS Thanksgiving Holiday T 29-Nov Ch 11 TH 1-Dec EXAM III Chapters 11,14, & 15 T 6-Dec Case Analysis---In Class TH 8-Dec Case Analysis---In Class Comprehensive Final Exam (Schedule below) Final Examination Schedule: Final Exam, Section 003 TR 9:30AM Tuesday, Dec. 13th 8AM thru 10AM Topics To Be Discussed in Class...
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