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Genetics Problem Answers -- page 62 1. Male = AA (homozygous dominant) makes gamete = A Female = Aa (heterozygous) makes gametes = A and a M \ F A a A AA Aa genotypic ratio AA:Aa = 1:1 (ie. 50% AA homozygous dominant and 50% Aa heterozygous) phenotypic ratio : all A __ (all appear as the dominant trait) 6. Male = AABB (homozygous dominant both traits) makes gamete = AB Female = aabb (homozygous recessive both traits) makes gamete = ab M \ F ab AB AaBb genotypic ratio all AaBb (all are heterozygous for both traits) phenotypic ratio : all A __B __ (all appear like the dominant trait for both)
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Unformatted text preview: 13. father has heterozygous BO genotype = makes B and O gametes mother has A antigens: so she has blood type A which can be AA (A gametes) or AO (A and O gametes) It does not specify if she is homozygous AA or heterozygous AO so there are two possible answers if mother is AA (homozygous) AA x BO M \ F A 1/2 (50%) are AB blood type B AB 1/2 (50%) are A blood type (AO genotype) O AO if mother is AO (heterozygous) AO x BO 1/4 are AB blood type (25%) M \ F A O 1/4 are A (AO) blood type (25%) B AB BO 1/4 are B (BO) blood type (25%) O AO OO 1/4 are OO blood type (25%)...
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