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Bio 1510 Students: The first lab exam is given during the seventh week of class. See your lab syllabus for the exact dates. All students will be required to take the exam with their regular lab, the one in which they are registered. The exam must be completed within the assigned 1:15 hour time period. The exam is not exclusively multiple choice, true/false and/or matching. It is not like a lecture exam. It is not like the weekly quizzes. There will be a mix of fill-in- the-blank, short answer, definitions, calculations, interpretation of experimental results and/or data tables. It will be writing from memory, not picking a familiar looking answer from a group. Students cannot used notes, books or any other materials or get input from any person in the room other than the GTA. . Calculators will not be needed nor will they be allowed. That means you must be competent to do simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in your head or on paper. Nearly every lab exercise in the lab manual has a built-in study guide - the
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