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LabReport DraftOutline StudentW11 - Lab Report Draft...

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Lab Report Draft Outline Students in Biology 1510 are expected to turn in an outline draft of their lab report one week after completing the laboratory work associated with the topic of choice – either Carbohydrates or Amino Acids. A student must perform the lab exercise to be able to write a lab report on that topic and must use his/her own data in that report. An outline is an often used writing tool to help a writer organize his/her thoughts on paper. That outline can then be expanded into a full report using complete sentences and multiple paragraphs. You can concentrate on the order, organization and content of your report on the draft outline – that is, construct the framework. After the outline is complete, you will turn the phrases into sentences, add additional explanatory and/or descriptive sentences, insert citations and otherwise “flesh-out” a grammatically correct report. You are doing in writing what a reconstructive forensic artist does to identify an unknown skeleton. First the bones are assembled, then clay is added to mimic muscles and the final outer layer of skin completes the model. The first step in writing a report outline is to list the four expected report headings on paper or on your computer screen with plenty of space in between each heading. Under each heading you should think about and then write the major ideas you want to present. Do you want to discuss chemical structures? …. biochemical assays? ….. how biochemicals are used in the body? …. why they are important in the environment? Each major idea should be a single paragraph with the idea as the lead, or key phrase . Do not write in full sentences or paragraphs! You may have two, three, six, seven or more ideas associated with each report heading. It all depends on what you personally choose to write. Under each key phrase, write down supporting comments that are associated with that
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LabReport DraftOutline StudentW11 - Lab Report Draft...

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