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Alizabeth Madison Spring 2011 Depression: How Does It Affect the Middle Ages?
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Depression has many faces and symptoms. It also has many causes and trigger points to make a person depressed. There are many varied mood disorders that people seek help with, depression being the number one in the country and closely followed by bipolar disorder. There also is not just one age group that has this disorder, it comes in all ages. This makes it easy for what a person does in their early ages to affect their middle and late ages. As people age, the symptoms of depression can be on a varied scale from mild to extreme and nonfunctional in their daily lives. A standard book describes depression as feelings of worthlessness, anger, sadness, and sometimes suicidal. These symptoms must present themselves for a period of 2 weeks or more in order to receive any psychiatric diagnosis or treatment. This still leaves a question of, is there a gray area in the studies of depression that may help depict what adulthood can be like? Question 6-- Begin your Essay by describing the Lifestyle or Health Practice that you (or others) are practicing in Adolescence and Young Adult. When do the effects of this "Lifestyle Practice" begin? Using the chart, page 494, as a sample (chart below)*, discuss in 7-10 sentences the effects on you in your 20's, probable effects in 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's of this particular behavior. You may also include specific examples of parents, grandparents or other relatives that demonstrate these effects from this behavior. 15 pts. #6. As children we are observers of daily life. Simple things like mom and dad having a fight, children tend to blame on themselves. Is this the beginning of adulthood depression? As all parents know children and adolescents do sometimes get the “blues” for one reason or another. Not in all cases is a child or teen depressed, they just may be feeling bad over receiving a bad grade in school or having had a fight with their best friend. Yet, sometimes childhood and teen depression can roll over into adulthood. This is the point when most depressed people seek help.
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humangrowthessay Madison - Alizabeth Madison Spring 2011...

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