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Argumentation Essay

Argumentation Essay - convey the necessary style and...

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Argumentation Essay (Due at the beginning of class on 10/15) People tend to avoid single-syllable words because they are afraid they will look inadequate and that their writing will lack sophistication. Are there situations in which demonstrating command of a large vocabulary is desirable? If you answer yes, present one situation, and argue that the over use of short words in that situation is potentially detrimental. If you answer no, defend your reasoning. Ho can the use of short words
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Unformatted text preview: convey the necessary style and sophistication in all situations? Read: The Case for Short Words and Weasel Words: The Art of Saying Nothing at All Make sure to apply what you learned from your readings to the essay. The essay must be: 5 to 9 pages, double spaced In Times New Roman (or similar) 12 point font One inch margins Your name, class, essay type, and date in upper right corner (This and the title of your essay must be single spaced.)...
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