HE100 - Lecture 2 - Changing for the better Factors that...

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September 21, 2010 Changing for the better Factors that Influence Behaviour Change CHANGING FOR THE BETTER - predisposing factors -knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes based on life experiences, as well as gender, age, race, and socioeconomic background - enabling factors -skills and abilities, available resources; can be positive or negative - Reinforcing factors -presence or absence of support, encouragement or discouragement from those around you. (e.g. person trying to lose weight – if friends are eating chocolate around you, they aren’t helping) BELIEFS AND ATTITUDES - belief is an appraisal of the relationship between subject, action, or idea - attitude is a stable set of beliefs, feelings, and behavioural tendencies regarding something. - Health Belief Model (HBM) is a model developed to show how beliefs affect behaviour change THE PATH TO BEHAVIOUR CHANGE - self-efficacy is a belief that one is capable of achieving certain goals - external versus internal locus of control -external: belief that someone or something else controls a situation -internal: belief in power over one’s actions (these people are much better able to change their behaviour) - significant others as change agents -family (should be a source of support) -friends and significant others (social support) CHANING FOR THE BETTER - change is hard (have to adjust to it) - change takes time (won’t happen over time) - change takes commitment (you have to want to do it and have to stick to it)
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- you can change…just put your mind to it! The Canadian Health Care System CANADIAN MEDICARE - healthcare system in Canada is one of our greatest defining features – everyone knows Canada for their healthcare system - to some extent, it is our pride and glory! - Is considered by Canadians as one of the “most successful government programs - In recent years, increased concern about sustainability of the program -has resulted in “de-listing” of certain services – e.g. eye exams are no longer free., the prostate test is no longer free: it is now $65 for men to get that test. In some provinces, physiotherapy is no longer covered. CANADA HEALTH ACT (1984): DEFINING FEATURES - universality: everyone in the country is covered by Medicare, no matter what province you travel to. - comprehensiveness: covers all medically necessary procedures and tests. Emergency and walk in - Accessibility: extremely accessible. People can get healthcare at no cost. - Publicly administered on a non-profit basis: the Canadian government can’t make a profit off healthcare - Portability: if you move, say from Ontario to Alberta, Ontario covers you for 3 months and then Alberta takes over. HEALTHCARE IN CANADA: HOW IT ALL BEGAN…
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HE100 - Lecture 2 - Changing for the better Factors that...

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