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HEALTHY WEIGHT SOME FACTS ABOUT WEIGHT AND HEALTHY LIVING - Weight management is one of the most significant issues facing Canadians today increased incidence of obesity eating disorders are also on the rise - both an contribute to disease development - Diabetes and unhealthy weight leads to many other diseases MALNUTRITION - “any disorder of nutrition” - may result from: an unbalanced diet too much protein but not enough vitamins, insufficient or excessive diet impaired absorption or use of foods some diseases predispose people to not be able to take in the nutrients from foods and as a result they get sick DESIRABLE WEIGHT - the weight range deemed appropriate for people of a specific sex, age and frame size - based on cultural norms global level - different ways to determine desirable weight UNDERWEIGHT - a condition in which body weight is below desirable weight - the body image problems experienced by some extremely thin people can be equally distressing as being overweight OVERWEIGHT - characterized by a body weight above a recommended range for good health - a condition in which a person’s excess fat accumulation results in a body weight that exceeds desirable weight by 1% to 19% OBESE - a more serious degree of being overweight - the cut off point for obesity may be set in terms of percent body fat or in terms of some measures of total body weight - an excessive accumulation of body fat 25% body fat or more for men 32% body fat or more for women based on age, height, gender, body built ORIGINS OF OBSETIY: GENETICS - Genetic Basis of Obesity results of twin studies and obesity gene in humans
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obesity gene…faulty receptors that restrict the production of the protein (GLP- 1) responsible for signaling fullness - Set Point Theory ”a genetically programmed range of body weight beyond which a person finds it difficult to gain or lose additional weight” body does this by adjusting its baseline use of energy (BMR) up or down, to accommodate an excessive intake of calories or an inadequate intake of calories - body type somatotype (body build) -ectomorphs: too thin, have trouble keeping weight on -mesomorphs: muscular, just right -endomorphs: over weight, obesity ORIGINS OF OBSETIY: METABOLISM - decreasing basal metabolic rate (BMR) basal metabolic rate… -amount of energy (in calories) your body requires to maintain basic functions body requires less energy to maintain basic physiological process - appetite center identified centers for eating control…located within the hypothalamus of the
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