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ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH WATER POLUTION - Pathogens -refers to living, biological organisms like bacteria, viruses, and protozoa -enter the water system through human and animal wastes -can contaminate water system and cause illness -example: E-coli, cryptosparidiam - Biological imbalances -eutrophication over abundance of nitrates and phosphates in the water can contribute of the overgrowth of plants -putrefaction the result of depleted oxygen in the bodies of water where plants have overgrown the environment is not stable enough to support animal life result = fish tend to die and float to the top where they begin to decay - Toxic substances -refers specifically to non-biological, non-living substances -includes toxins, metals, chemicals like DDT (weed killer), PCBs -consumed by the fish in the water system, and then ingested by humans -Example: mercury, arsenic, lead, oil - Other -oil spills -thermal pollution: industries that are by water and use water, nuclear power plants, steal factories -sediments LAND POLLUTION - solid waste -open dumps: plastics, styrofoam and diapers take forever to disintegrate -sanitary landfill -ocean dumping: fish eat garbage, we eat fish, we get sick - chemical waste -pesticides -herbicides -water runoff whatever you spray on plants gets absorbed in the ground and we end up drinking the water or eating animals that ate plants that were contaminated RADIATION RADIATION - non-ionizing radiation -moves in longer wave lengths -less dangerous -examples: radio waves, TV signals, microwaves, infrared waves, visible light
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- ionizing radiation -more dangerous because of release of particles and electromagnetic rays during
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