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PS101A Fall 2010 Introduction to Psychology Course Outline Course Description This course is intended as a survey course that will introduce students to the full range of the discipline of psychology. While psychology can generally be defined as the study of human behavior and mental processes, we will see that psychology takes many, often very different, forms. For example: What's your personality? (Personality psychology); What do we see? (Sensation/Perception); What do we do when we sleep? (Psychology of sleep and dreaming); What’s Normal behavior? Or Abnormal? (Psychological Disorders) And how do we treat disorders? (Treatments) Instructor : Lawrence Murphy When/Where : BA201; Mondays 6:30 - 9:20 PM Office hours : By appointment Office : Science bldg, Room N2003 TA : Lucia Dillon Contact : [email protected] Note: the quickest way to get me is through email. Be sure to put PS100 in your subject heading to avoid spam filters. If I don’t reply, it means I haven’t received it, so check your email setup or account–-if your main email isn’t a Laurier account, it may have been trashed by spam filters. WLU policy is for you to use your Laurier account, so it’s best to get in the habit of using that. Course website, or, go to, then Resources, then Mylearningspace. Check Mylearningspace for regular announcements (see the NEWS section on the Course home page) ,grades, lecture overheads, and the course outline. Communication policy I will not be monitoring this site, so I will not respond to emails through the site, or, the discussion list. Instead, send email through my WLU address. Textbook Psychology: Themes and variations. 2nd Canadian Ed. Toronto: Thomson & Nelson.
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Course Evaluation Your grade for this course will be calculated as follows: Term test 1 22% Term test 2 32% Final Exam 38% Research Participation 3% Clicker Participation 5% Tests: There will be 2 term tests, which will take place during the regular class period. These term tests will cover material presented since the previous test (non-cumulative), and will include the relevant chapters in the text, as well as any additional material presented in lectures. You will complete 50 multiple choice questions to be done in class time. Due to the size of this year’s class, tests will be conducted in different halves of the 3-hour
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PS101A. fall 2010 - PS101A Fall 2010 Introduction to...

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