September 20, 2010 - Appendix B: Statistical Methods...

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Appendix B: Statistical Methods Statistical Methods: Graphing Data -frequency distribution -histogram (basically a bar graph) -frequency polygon Descriptive Statistics: -measures of central tendency mean (average) median (middle) mode (most) -skewed distributions (when a distribution is symmetrical – it looks the same on both sides: mean median and mode are all in the same place [bell curve]_ negatively skewed (most data ends up lower of graph: more score is below the mean) positively skewed (most data ends up upper of graph: more score is above the mean) -measuring variability standard deviation **by no means does the mean tell you everything you need to know about the data** **check out calculating standard deviation** The Normal Distribution (Bell Curve): -Psychological tests relative measures standard deviation is the unit of measure **50 th percentile = 50% better than everyone else. 98 th percentile = 98% better than everyone else** Measuring Correlation: -Correlation coefficient positive = direct relationship **positive doesn’t mean good** - the more of one thing happens, the more of another thing happens negative = inverse relationship – if one goes up the other go down -Magnitude: 0 to plus/minus 1 (plus one = perfect positive relationship, zero = no relationship, minus one = perfect negative relationship) -Scatter diagrams -Correlation of determination Hypothesis Testing -inferential statistics -sample: has to represent the generalization of the population that you’re applying the
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September 20, 2010 - Appendix B: Statistical Methods...

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