Chap 23 - Nathan Ellis AP History January 6 2005 Chapter 23...

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Nathan Ellis AP History January 6, 2005 Chapter 23 I. The Problems of Peace a. Now that the war was over, they didn’t know what to do with the blacks that had been free, and they weren’t sure how to integrate them peacefully back in the south. b. From the war, the land for crops was destroyed, and even if they weren’t destroyed, they had no slaves to work on them so their economy (which was their life) was ruined. II. Freedmen Define Freedom a. Even though they were free, blacks were continually re-enslaved when the Union troops left. Gradually, slave holders were forced to give up all slaves. b. Some planters didn’t obey the emancipation proclamation saying that they didn’t have to because their state hadn’t declared emancipation yet. c. Some slaves resumed being slaves by their own will, and some left peacefully, but others took out all their anger by destroying what was left of their master’s property or maybe even whipping their past owners. d. Church became a huge part of the black’s life and community once they were freed. e. Blacks were not completely “free”. They were still discriminated against, notably in the area of education. III. The Freedman’s Bureau a. This was an organization established on March 3, 1865 and was made in order to train the mass population of unskilled blacks. Headed by Oliver O. Howard, the bureau taught around 200,000 blacks basic skills such as reading. i. Reading was a main focus because blacks wanted to narrow the literary gap set between whites and blacks during the slavery times. Also, blacks wanted to be able to read the Bible. b. The Freedman’s Bureau ended in 1872 after a fairly (but not extremely) successful existence – blacks were still discriminated against. IV.
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Chap 23 - Nathan Ellis AP History January 6 2005 Chapter 23...

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