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R_and_D_4 - Nathan Ellis Box#621 BI123 Research and...

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Nathan Ellis Box #621 February 17, 2006 BI123 Research and Development 4 1. The background of Romans. The Roman church was a predominantly Gentile church that had not yet received the teaching of an apostle. Paul thought it was necessary to describe the relationship between the Jews and Gentiles to this church. Paul didn’t point out the mistakes or glorify the church as much as he has done in other letters to other churches, so maybe Paul didn’t know this church as well as the others, or maybe the church just needed a reminder of God’s overall plan to redeem Jews and Gentiles alike. 2. The main point of Romans 9-11. The main point of Romans 9-11 is Paul’s answer to the Jewish people who question the “saved by faith” belief, using two main points to do so: election and sovereignty. 3. What Israel's rejection means. Israel rejected Jesus Christ, and the Gospel that went along with Him. This rejection is justified by the Jew’s by them saying that the Gospel that is being preached in Jesus’ name is disregarding the promises that God had made in the times past. Paul refutes this,
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