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Analysing an essay question [new]

Analysing an essay question [new] - Essay writing analysing...

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https://academicskills.anu.edu.au ESSAY WRITING Analysing an essay question The academic task in writing an essay is to create an argument that answers the question. Developing a line of reasoning - that is, an essay plan - will help in this process. As your research and writing continues, do not be afraid to alter your plan. Your essay plan should: coherently develop your argument be clearly identifiable by the marker, so s/he can see how it develops your argument. 1. Understanding your task - the discipline/field The best place to start is the course outline, available on the web, which outlines the important elements, concepts and theories of your course. You will need to demonstrate an understanding of some or all of these in your essay, so it is worth reading very closely. Now spend some time analysing the question and identifying the components of your task. Read the question several times, very carefully. What is the question asking you to do? How many questions or tasks are involved? What are the key ideas, themes and theories that this course is designed to cover? Consider this question from a first year International Relations course: What is the “world food crisis”? What are the political causes of it and what might be the political responses to it? (2000 words) While you are reading the following section on subject, angle and process, think about how they apply to the question above.
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