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Written Assignment 3 : Analyzing a Grant Proposal Summary The sample grant proposal at http://www.coloradogrants.org/assets/pdf/lightsville-public- schools.pdf is a grant proposal that was funded in the amount of $387,000 over a three year period. It was to fund a variety of learning programs in Lightsville, Colorado. Strengths Expertise The grant obviously written by someone that knows what they are talking about. From start to finish, the grant is full of charts and statistics backing up the claims of the proposal. Benefits The entire purpose of this grant proposal is to show the benefits that funding learning programs will provide. This proposal does a great job of listing many of the problems that are associated with the Lightsville, Colorado area along with showing how these programs will be used to help alleviate some of these problems. Making the issues hit home While it's easy to list a number of problems and solutions, it's more difficult to make people
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Unformatted text preview: think those problems affect them personally. This proposal does a great job of making it seem as though there is at least one problem that will really affect the person reading it. If the reader sees the issues as problems that only face other people, they are less likely to be willing to give funding to the grant. Weaknesses Energy The grant proposal is very informative, but it seems to lack the energy that suggests a passion for the programs. It lists problems and benefits, but it seems to lack inspiration and enthusiasm. Clarity The amount of information the grant proposal gives the reader is outstanding, maybe a little too outstanding. The proposal is full of charts and statistics. After reading it, I felt like many of the stats all blended together. I knew the proposal had given me a bunch of information, I just felt like some people might not be able to remember what that information was by the time they were done reading....
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