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131+Lecture%2C+Greek_Latin+Meanings%2C+FALL+_11 - Appendix...

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Appendix B 1 Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes prefix/ root/ Greek/ suffix Latin meaning examples a/an G without, not anaerobic ab L from abnormal acro G highest acrodont ad L to, toward adduct algia G pain neuralgia ambi L both ambidextrous amphi G both sides amphicelous an/ana G up, back, again anapophysis andro G man androgen ante L before antemortem antero L before anteroinferior anti L against antitoxin apsid G a mesh of a net, an arch diapsid arch/archi G chief archenteron arti L little joint articular ase an enzyme amylase auto G self autonomic bi L two, twice biceps blast G sprout blastocyst brachi, brachio G, L arm brachiocephalic brachy G short brachydont brady G slow bradycardia branchi G gill branchial centi L one one-hundredth part centimeter carn L flesh carnivorous carpo G wrist carporadialis cata G down catabolism cav L hollow caval cele/celo G hollow celom cephal G of the head brachiocephalic ceps head biceps cercal G a tail diphycercal cheiro/chiro G hand chiropterygium chondr G cartilage chondrocyte chromata G color chromatophore co/con L together concentrate corac a crow coracoid coron a crown coronary cribri L a sieve cribriform cten G a comb ctenoid cyclo G a ring or circle cyclosis cyno G a dog cynodont
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Appendix B 2 prefix/ root/ Greek/ suffix Latin meaning examples dactyl G a finger pterodactyl de L down, without decerebration deca G ten decagram deci L one tenth decibel dendr G a tree dendrite dent L a tooth dentition derm G skin dermatome di G two, twice diapsid dia G through diastema
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131+Lecture%2C+Greek_Latin+Meanings%2C+FALL+_11 - Appendix...

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