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Midterm Review Islam in America: Communities and Institutions 1. In West Africa, how did the introduction of slavery contribute to changes in the legal- political structure? How did individuals become slaves in West African setting and what role did Islam play in reference to the Slavery institution? 2. What were the major factors that contributed to the increase in the availability of slaves sent to the Americas? And how did people become enslaved in Africa? 3. What evidence does Diouf present regarding literacy in Africa and why is it important? Literacy has always been a foundation for recording and transmission of a given community experiences, what role literacy had in West Africa? How important was literacy for Muslim slaves and did it aid them in the new setting or was it a liability 4. When was the first exclusionary act issued and who was included in it? 5. How did the Church deal with the slavery and what were the positions of the Catholic and Protestant on it?
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